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Blessing Society

One of the most appealing aspects of our movement is that it blesses society wherever it goes. Our leaders enter new communities to build relationships, seeking to understand the felt needs and then connecting resources to the community members.

Here are two examples:

  • Over the years our partners on the ground have developed an excellent reputation for care of OVCs (orphaned and vulnerable children), including the pandemic when more children became orphans because their parents died. Many were brought to our childrens shelters to be housed, fed and cared for while longer term arrangements were being made. They also received schooling education while with the staff.

  • Environmental challenges are becoming more regular needs of communities. Flooding is common in some areas, requiring our assistance with food, water and other basics to help poor families. Inadequate sanitation brings opportunities to address unmet health needs through education, medicine and personal hygiene supplies.

Local officials often look favorably upon our organization because they see the good work being done that improves people’s lives. It helps alleviate some of the problems these local officials are expected to address. When this happens, people begin to ask our partners what motivates them, opening the way to share the Hope they have.

You can help us bless these communities, as little as $1 day to care for OVCs, by donating any amount here… Select $1/Day Hero Club for Kind from the dropdown menu.

By blessing society, individual lives are blessed too, leading some to join the movement that provides the help and Hope they have been looking for.

Facilitating the Movement,


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