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  • Dan Crum

Consistently Changing

Over the last three weeks, it has become increasingly clear to me that change is one of the most consistent things about the environment of this movement. Consider these changes:

The government asked our partners on the ground to enlarge their adoption center. It has become a model for others to follow.

During covid-19 lockdown, we were invited by the government to share the burden of help to the masses through a Community Kitchen, which served warm cooked meals to people suffering, and provided dry rations to people in need. Nearly 1000 young people volunteered to work with our local partners as "Corona Warriors" to bring awareness and teaching as covid affected everything. It not only blessed 1400 villages, it also ushered in a season of favor with local officials that still continues.

International travel basically stopped for two years, forcing new thinking on leadership decisions. Now, international travel is open between most countries. Yet some of the new ways of doing things because of covid has helped us to reinvent ourselves and help with stronger commitment. It has turned out to be useful, efficient, and save money.

This movement continues to move and grow because it embraces the changing environment, studies it, and keeps people as the priority.


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