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Shared Lifestyle

“Discipleship happens best in an apprenticeship relationship. That’s the most effective model for training and learning in all kinds of fields. Doctors, carpenters, teachers and business people all learn through apprenticeship. It’s a lifestyle, not a curriculum. Not a course, but showing people how to do something and doing it together in everyday life.” (Bhojpuri Breakthrough: A Movement that Keeps Multiplying)

There is an intentionality about this movement that is very individualized, setting people up to succeed. Just as trades and skills are grown through apprenticeship, so is growing as a disciple. As apprentices spend time with their mentor, they share not only knowledge but also soft skills that are about character and attitude in everyday life. As noted above, it’s not just a curriculum. Life is shared and the learning is not just taught, it’s caught by spending time together in commitment to a shared lifestyle.

Facilitating the Movement,


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