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The Covid Response Continues

It’s no secret that covid hammered India earlier this year. What’s less known is the response by our partners on the ground to their fellow citizens. They prioritized the most vulnerable and underserved in several communities and went to them with the basics of food, masks, sanitizer and other help as resources became available.

As they moved out into their communities with this physical assistance, favor was poured on them from local government officials and people who had lost hope. Their simple gifts gave them access to pray with people, educate people, help with testing, offer financial support to the poor for oxygen and supplies, and even one leader started an oxygen bank for covid-19 patients. Call centers were set up and greatly utilized by people asking for prayer and counseling.

As the second wave declined it became clear in June and July that there were many new orphans who had lost their parents to covid, making them vulnerable to human traffickers. Once again, our local partners prioritized the vulnerable and began taking care of them. Even local police were bringing orphaned children to the shelter homes because they knew they would receive good care. One set of three brothers, ages 5, 7, 9 were reunited at the shelter home, overjoyed to be with each other. They have made new friends, eat well, learn every day from the teachers and have play time. Government assistance for these orphans is available and being pursued on behalf of all these children.

Actions like these contribute to the work as people see love demonstrated, leading to relational discipleship.

Facilitating the work,


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