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Care for Kids and Youth

Everywhere we work, vulnerable children and needs of the youth are core to our purpose. As we care for them, we partner with local leaders and other organizations and together we make a difference in the community. In the process, lives are touched and hope is reborn as these children and youth rebuild their dreams.


Our shelter homes rescue abandoned kids from streets and railway stations. Sports clubs, education, health fairs and other programs help kids where they live and offer hope for their future.


We believe children are a gift to the next generation. Children are our leaders. 


How We Care for Kids


Shelter Homes


Sports Clubs


Literacy Centers


Adoption Centers


Railway Kids

Railway Kids

In hundreds of railway stations across India, there are hundreds of thousands of children who have been kicked out of their homes or abandoned. These children, some as young as 3 years old, find that their daily existence is a struggle. The need is undeniable, which is why we began serving railway children in 2004. 

In our service to railway children, we focus primarily on restoration to their families. We work with the government and the police to reunite children with their families. Sometimes this means they stay in one of our children's shelters until their family is located. 


Shelter Homes 

Our shelter homes are for children ages 3-16 who were found alone at railway stations or on the streets. They are cared for by staff, provided food and housing, educational opportunities, and receive medical checkups.

Vulnerable Children

We estimate that 20 million orphans need help. The covid pandemic added many more orphans so the need for orphan care far outweighs our current resources. There are 3 shelter homes and 3 adoption centers that each provide a safe place for up to 50 children at a time. Children can stay in our shelter homes while they wait to be reunited with their families. 

We long to see as many children as possible have the opportunity to dream. We provide good nourishment, education, medical care and freedom from addiction. Our staff model healthy family life, caring parents, and positive community relationships. 


Join us in caring 
for the Children of India.

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