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Develop Leaders

We pioneer a model of leadership development that equips community leaders to lead. Leaders are expected to produce more leaders who will have an impact in the lives of others. Developing leaders has to do with developing character and changing attitudes to fulfill the role of a transformed life. Hence, one becomes ready to provide leadership starting from one's own home and spreading to one's own community. 

"The work of developing leaders empowers local people to become leaders in their own context leading others to successfully healthy living."  
- Victor John


Partnering is in our name. It's who we are! Our core belief is that the task we are engaged in is so big that we can’t do it alone.  We need others to be engaged and trained by sharing “best practices” in a simple manner so that others can positively impact their own communities. We do not shy away from sharing and training others. We believe that in many cases others can do a better job than us.

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Help us equip
more leaders.

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