Develop Leaders

We want to follow Jesus' model. Developing leaders has to do with developing character and changing attitudes to fulfill the role of a transformed life. Hence, one becomes ready to provide leadership starting from one’s own home and spreading to one’s own community. 


Global Learning Center


To continue the momentum in north India, we determined that more leaders need to be developed and nurtured. De-centralized training is an important component of our training process but it has its limits. The Global Learning Center (GLC) is our response to this need.


The GLC adds significant capacity for training and developing leaders. The GLC is our center for excellence for leadership development -- not only for our own leadership needs, but also for developing, training, and equipping leaders of other organizations and countries. 

Our prayer is that as we equip leaders, the result will be a great harvest among the unreached people in India and all around the world. 


Train and equip Community Learning Center Leaders

GLC Objectives


Train and equip leaders at higher levels of the organization 


Train and equip leaders from other organizations in India, Asia and around the world.


Provide cross-cultural awareness and training by providing opportunities for realistic world religion studies. 


Our core belief is that the task God has engaged us in is so big that we can’t do it alone. 


We need others to be engaged and trained by sharing “best practices” in a simple manner so that others can also have impactful ministry strategies. We do not shy away from sharing and training others. We believe that in many cases others can do a better job than us.

Help us equip
more leaders.