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Disaster Relief


Integrated development includes response to natural disasters. We are no stranger to changing plans so we can provide emergency relief from flooding, earthquakes and pandemics. Because of our ongoing work with community development and leadership training, we are well positioned to work with other organizations and local governments for a timely and effective response. We organize teams to assess needs with local people, then mobilize needed resources to help relieve suffering and loss of those in the affected areas.   

covid medical help


In the early days of covid, we were able to come together with the government of Uttar Pradesh, Dehli, Bihar and West Bengal to distribute cooked meals, water bottles and sanitizers to the migrants travelling back to their villages. In the second wave, we engaged with communities to educate on health, hygiene and immunization.

Pandemic Relief

 Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Flood Relief

Earthquake and
Tsunami Relief

Our response to the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake included medical checkups, medicine and house building. The Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 led our team to set up water tanks to provide clean water to 60,000 families for two years.

Earthquake and tsunami aid supplies
Flood in community in India

Flood Relief

Many of the regions in North India where we work are flood prone areas. Every year we help affected families in these areas by distributing clothes, food, medicine, temporary shelter and offer counseling.

covid relief food
ASSI house build for Earthquake victims

Help those facing
the devastation of
natural disasters. 

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