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Meet Community Needs

A Community Learning Center is a tool that builds a bridge to the community for integrated development. It addresses the body, soul and spirit. CLC's provide an opportunity for an inclusive approach to transform communities. They also open a platform for collaboration between community leaders and the CLC facilitators. This leads to identifying the felt needs and challenges within these communities. Together we find appropriate solutions which support the overall growth and health of the community. 

"We have been commanded to heal the sick and tell them, God's Kingdom has come near."



Community Learning Centers​

A Community Learning Center (CLC) is the vehicle for integrated development. The goals of each CLC are to access the community, discover the bridge-builders within the community, provide resources, and implement service opportunities that are locally relevant and meet the needs of the people where they live.


We provide 3-day CLC training in India to interested groups, every month at a subsidized cost. Similar training is offered outside India. Contact us for more details. 






Open a CLC 



Discover a bridge-builder



Provide Resources



Implement Service Opportunities


Meet the Needs of the People where they live.

Join us by supporting a Community Learning Center.

Community Learning Centers provide a launching point...

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